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Royal Canberra Show schedule

RNCAS Group Championship shows schedule

Judging for both the Royal Canberra Championship Dog Show and the Group Championship Specialty Shows will be as follows:

  • Saturday 26 February 2022 - Toys, Gundogs and Utility
  • Sunday 27 February 2022 - Terriers, Hounds, Working Dogs and Non-Sporting

Royal Canberra Championship Dog Show


General Specials - Ms Esther Joseph (Vic)

Toys - Mrs Annabel Gunn (SA)

Terriers - Dr Emma Greenway (Vic)

Gundogs - Mrs Marie Merchant (SA)

Hounds - Miss Louise Hickie (NSW)

Working Dogs - Dr Karen Hedberg (NSW)

Utility - Mrs Faye Crooks (Vic)

Non-Sporting - Miss Lisa Carpenter (Qld)

The Royal Canberra Show is a  Qualifier.

Group Championship Shows


Toys - Miss Louise Hickey (NSW)

Terriers - Mrs Marie Merchant (SA)

Gundogs - Miss Dierdre Crofts (NSW)

Hounds - Mrs Annabel Gunn (SA)

Working Dogs - Miss Dierdre Crofts (NSW)

Utility - Dr Karen Hedberg (NSW)

Non-Sporting - Mrs Faye Crooks (Vic)


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Disabled Parking Arrangements
Car Parking Policy
Revised restrictions on gazebos under power lines


Disabled Parking Arrangements

A number of DISABLED PARKING SPACES will be provided for dog exhibitors who hold and display a Government issued disabled parking permit. Cars with no permit displayed and parked in the disabled parking area are liable to be towed away under the provisions of the By-Laws of RNCAS.

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Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted to park on the grounds.
Any vehicles on the grounds will be asked to move or will be referred to security.

For more information, please read our Exhibitor Vehicle Policy on the Canberra Show website.

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